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PMSDR Software Defined Radio (RX) 100kHz - 55MHz


The PMSDR is a small, low-cost, HF bands full coverage "Software Defined Radio" receiver that use a computer USB port and delivers I-Q audio signals to the PC's sound card.  It was designed by Martin Pernter IW3AUT and it's similar to the "SOFTROCK XTALL project", but with many more features. This way a great many hams can listening all shortwave bands that can be achieved by having just a low cost hardware working with the powerful (free) software WinRad, written by Alberto I2PHD and now also with PowerSDR-IQ  and SDR-SHELL (for Linux) on the PC.


- continuously tuning the entire HF-spectrum (standard tuning range: 0,1 - 55 Mhz)
- Test results:  (Test Setup :Signal Generator HP8640B , Soundcard Creative Xtreme 24bit , Software WinRad 1.32)
   sensivity-MDS (with inserted preselection filter ), (2400 Hz bandwidth) with (S+N)/N= 3dB, without any preamplifier :
   -120dBm @400kHz  
   -120dBm @1MHz  
   -120,5dBm @3,5MHz  
   -120dBm @7MHz       
   -119,5dBm @28MHz  
   -119,5dBm @52MHz  
   -118dBm @78MHz  
   -SFDR = 85dB
   (This value can be different with other Soundcards and PC's) Screenshoot with -20dBm input level , Signal Generator HP8640B

   -Filter 1 insertion loss: 1dB @3,7MHz
   -Filter 2 insertion loss: 1,8dB @7MHz
   -Filter 3 insertion loss: 1,5dB @21MHz
   -LPF-Filter insertion loss: 0,7dB @1MHz

- IF amplifier output clipping level: 2,45Vp @ -13dBm RF input level

- IF (I and Q output signal) bandwidth: 155 kHz @ -6dB

- Power supply : 5V / 155mA (+15mA with LCD module)

- USB2.0 interface, only USB powered (no external supply are required)
- high speed divider/clock generator CYPRESS CY22393/4 (for the tuning range: 0,1 - 2,5 Mhz)
- new low jitter clock generator SILICON LABS Si570 LVDS (or CMOS) 
- interface for optional LCD
- interface for optional boards (transmitter, preselector ecc.)
- 3 Bandpass filter on board + 1 Lowpass filter on board + filter bypass (broadband input)
- IF-Chain with rail-to-rail OP-AMPS for 5V
- I/Q outputs for PC Sound card
- I/Q optional differential outputs for professional PC Sound cards
- PIC18F4550 Controller with USB-Bootloader
- DLL support trough USB interface for Winrad by I2PHD & PowerSDR-IQ
- PCB: dual layer, 80 x 100mm

Alle SMT Parts factory assembled, only a few standard parts to solder
Preorders can be done now, shipment will start Mid of August

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