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QRPproject Hildegard Zenker
QRP and Homebrew International
Vertrieb von Bausätzen und Zubehören für den Amateurfunk, Amateurfunk Literatur
Seminare und Schulungen zum Selbstbau im Amateurfunk
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Molchstr. 15
12524 Berlin
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Fax: +49(30)85961324
email: verk@qrpproject.de


IBAN =DE83100500001120048733.


Responsible for this site regarding German Law § 6 MDStV: Peter Zenker, Molchstr. 15 12524 Berlin

QRPproject Terms of Trade:

1. By placing an order, the customer accepts QRPproject policy and expressly agrees to use the sold items for radio amateur purposes only.

2. Customers may withdraw an order by e-mail if shipment has not been effected yet.

3. After shipment customers may send back any unused kits to QRPproject within 3 months after shipment, provided the kits are still in their original package, complete and undamaged. QRPproject will refund the received funds but deducting shipment cost and banking fees, if any.

4. Payment: all shipped goods remain our property until full payment has been received (according to our new policy now prior to shipment). After shipment any transport damages and loss are for customer's account, to be claimed from the resp. carrier. We shall however try to assist as far as possible.

Payment can be done by bank transfer to our bank account as indicated, all banking fees for customer's account, or via Paypal Credit Card services (at a 4% fee).

5. Shipment: QRPproject tries to ship as fast as possible. It´s always possible that there do occur delays beyond our responsibility. In such case and after having been notified by us customers may withdraw their order - see above-. QRPproject are not liable for any damages or indemnity if there is a delay of shipment.

6. WoF: QRPproject offers a Warranty of functionality on all kits according to description of kit on our website. WoF means we will repair all non functional kits at a standard price rate after request. Burnt out boards, gross soldering damages, circuits modified by customers and transport damages are not covered by this WoF. Shipment cost to be for customer's account.

7. QRPproject reserve the right to withdraw kits from sale, modify kits and alter specifications without previous notice.

8. Federal German/EEC law and jurisdiction to apply.

email: verk@qrpproject.de

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UStID §27  Umsatzsteuergesetz :DE813395325

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Responsible § 6 MDStV: Peter Zenker, Molchstr. 15 12524 Berlin

October 27. 2006




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QRPproject Hildegard Zenker
QRP and Homebrew International

Molchstr. 15
12524 Berlin
Tel: +49(30)85961323
Fax: +49(30)85961324
email: QRPproject

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IBAN Number: DE83100500001120048733


Responsible according to German Law § 6 MDStV: Peter Zenker, Molchstr. 15 12524 Berlin

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