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XG2 Three Band Receiver Test Oscillator / S-Meter Calibrator

Elecraft's new XG2 Three Band Receiver Test Oscillator expands our original XG1 to three popular bands: 80, 40 and 20MK. The XG2 is a fixed-frequency signal source with switch selectable oscillator frequencies on 80, 40 and 20M. Its highly-accurate precision low-level crystal oscillator generates 1 microvolt and 50 microvolt output levels with an absolute output accuracy of better than +/- 2 dB, and an extremely small unit-to-unit variation of typically +/- 1 dB. This ensures that measurements made with different XG2s are consistent, which can be helpful when evaluating used equipment found at flea markets or on the web.

The 1-microvolt level can be used to determine a receiver's MDS (minimum discernable signal), as well as its overall receive gain. 50 microvolts is widely used as the standard "S9" reference, so this level can be used for S-meter calibration. Step-by-step procedures are included for receiver performance measurement and S-meter alignment. In addition to receiver testing, the XG2 can be used as a reference to calibrate other lab instruments.

The XG2 also includes an on-board 3-Volt battery (standard coin cell) and a low current power-on LED. The XG2 typically draws 250 uA, resulting in an estimated battery life of 850 hours. The unit is protected against brief accidental transmit, and has been tested at up to 10 watts for 2 seconds.

The XG2 can be set to operate on 3.579.5, 7.040 and 14.060 MHz. It also provides reduced output levels at harmonics of these operating frequencies, so it can be used for receiver alignment and qualitative tests on or near most HF ham bands.

Like Elecraft's other low cost mini-modules, the XG2 is quite small: the PC board is just 1.5"W by 3.5"L. You can use a BNC male-to-male adapter such as Elecraft model BNC-MM to eliminate the coax cable and directly connect the XG2 to the back of a receiver or transceiver. Rubber feet are also included so the unit can be used on the workbench.


RF Output Level: 1 µV (-107 dBm) and 50 µV (-73 dBm) into 50 ohms

Output Accuracy: Typically Better than +/-2 dB at 25 deg. C

Frequencies: 3.579.5, 7.040 and 14.060 MHz; Switch Selectable

Reverse Protection: 5 watts for 4 seconds,10 watts for 2 seconds (typical; not guaranteed)

Current Drain: About 250 uA (typ.) from on-board 3-V,220 mA-hr battery (est. life 850 hours)


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