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If you order your K3 as a kit you will find it easy to build kit. The only thing you need is a really ESD save workbench!!! All K3 PCB´s are premounted and prealigned. You never ever should handle any of this PCBs without beeing absolutely sure that your workbench is free of electrostic. The kit assembly manual says:

"There is no climate or work location where the components of your K3 are safe from Electrostatic Discharge
(ESD) unless you take specific steps to prevent such damage. Many of the components in your K3 can be
damaged by static discharges of only a few volts: far too little for you to notice. It is those low-voltage but
destructive discharges that easily happen anywhere and under virtually any environmental conditions.
ESD damage may not be apparent at first. The damaged components may not fail completely. Instead, the
damage may result in below-normal performance for an extended period of time before you experience a total

If you are not sure you can handle your kit ESD safe, QRPproject recommends purchasing the ready built version.

What the ARRL Test labs people say:

"......the results are impressive. Overall receiver performance is right up there with the best radios the Lab has ever measured, and this is the first receiver we've tested with better than 100 dB IMD dynamic range at the closer signal spacings.

Link to the complete test review with friendly permission of ARRL

Rig Comparisons table at Elecraft

Link to ready built Elecraft kits, built by FI Service


  • 160-6 meter ham-band coverage; optional general-coverage filters

  • High-contrast, full-custom LCD with alphanumeric text display
    100-Wor 10-W(upgradeable) models
    32-bit I.F. DSP
  • Rich I/O complement (see rear-panel drawing above)
  • All modes: SSB, CW, Data, AM, FM
  • Built-in PSK/TTY decode/encode allows data mode operation without a
    PC by using your CWkeyer paddle
  • High performance DDS/PLL Synthesizer with TCXO reference
  • All radio firmware updateable with provided application software


  • Down-conversion architecture with narrow ham-band filtering for superior close-in dynamic range
  • Optional subreceiver with performance identical to main receiveHigh-level switching-mode first mixer
  • Crystal roofing filters as narrow as 200 Hz, including variablepassband models that closely track DSP I.F. and A.F. filtering
  • Switchable preamp and attenuator for extreme conditions
    1 Hz tuning resolution
  • Optional general coverage filters (main and sub)

  • 32-bit floating point IF DSP (dual DSPs with sub receiver installed)
  • IF filters to 200 Hz, AF filters to 50 Hz; 8-band RX equalizer
    Easy-to-use Shift/Width/HiCut/LoCut controls w/ DSP passband display
  • Automatic and manual notch filtering
  • Adjustable noise reduction
  • Hardware and DSP noise blankers with individual level controls
  • Tuning indicator for CWand data modes


  • Adjustable output, 0.1 to 10 W+ or 100 W+ (with KPA3 option)
  • Rugged, SWR-protected finals; dedicated PA circuit breaker
  • DSP I.F. speech processor for maximum DX punch
  • Dual 4-speed fans for 100-Wmodule
  • Fast, silent, PIN-diode T-R switching –no relays
  • 8 band Equalizer tailors the radio to your voice and microp


  • Internal CWkeyer with dedicated message controls also usable in voice modes (with DVR option)
  • One-click firmware upgrades via the web (with free PC software)
  • Isolated soundcard interface
  • Complete control via computer port
  • Over 100 VFO memories
  • 8 band Equalizer tailors the radio to your voice and microp
  • Over 100 VFO memories


KRX3 High Performance Subreceiver
KAT3 100-W Internal Autotuner with 2 Ant. Jacks
KPA3 100-W Internal PA
KBPF3 General Coverage Receive Filters
KDVR3 Digital Voice Recorder
KXV3 Transverter Interface w/ RX Ant. In/Out Jacks

KFL3A-( ) 8-pole Fixed-Width Roofing Filters:
.25, .40, 1.0, 2.1, 2.8, 6.0 (AM), 15 kHz (FM)
KFL3A-( ) 5-pole Fixed-Width Roofing Filters:
.20, .50, and 2.7 kHz (2.7 kHz supplied with K3)
KTCXO3-1 1 ppm TCXO (firmware-corrected to 0.5 PPM)
USB Adapter
MH2 Elecraft Hand Microphone
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