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elecraft K2

"Des traductions aussi en francais sont fournies par DL9PR, voir la liste des textes déjà completés avec leur prix dedans."


Specifications and Pricing subject to change without notice. 

  • Rugged, attractive custom enclosure
  • Small, portable size. 2.9h x 7.8w x 8.2d inches.
  • Weight 3.3 lbs. (with no internal options).
  • 80-10 meter ham band+ coverage. (160 meters with 160m/RX Antenna option.)
  • Efficient 12 Volt (10 - 15 V) operation for home or field.
  • Receive current as low as 110 mA (battery save mode).
  • CW-only or SSB/CW with SSB option.
  • Back-lit LCD display
  • PLL synthesized.
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • 2 VFOs with split operation.
  • Direct keypad entry of frequencies and memory channels.
  • Dual range RIT and XIT.
  • Built-in speaker.
  • Memories can store Mode, VFO A/B, Split, RX filter, RX sideband (CW), etc.
  • Simple menu system for advanced settings. (Up to two menu functions can be assigned to the two programmable front panel function keys.)
  • BNC antenna connector -- A QRP/portable standard.
  • Room for additional connectors on the rear panel.
  • Smart ‘Hunt and Pounce’ band-scanning mode.





  • Single conversion superhet receiver.  4.915 MHz IF.
  • Double-balanced diode mixer - excellent dynamic range.
  • Receive sensitivity: 0.15 uV  (pre-amp on, typical.)
  • Narrow ham band double tuned bandpass RX/TX filters. Relay switched for better IMD response.
  • Smooth, fast attack, IF-derived AGC (no 'popping' on strong signals) with AGC fast/slow/off settings.
  • Switchable pre-amp and attenuator.
  • Sharp IF crystal filtering helps prevent receiver overload from signals outside the RX passband.
  • Three tuning rates: 1, 10 and 100 kHz per revolution.
  • 10 Hz tuning resolution.
  • Bar graph S/RF OUT/ALC meter.





  • Adjustable 0.5-10 W PEP (PA option for higher power.)
  • Rugged, SWR-protected, Push-Pull PA transistors.
  • Programmable current limit for battery operation.
  • Harmonics and Spurious outputs: Better than –40 dBc.





  • Full diode switched break-in with variable QSK delay.
  • Built in 9 memory keyer with iambic modes A and B.
  • 9 – 50 wpm (internal keyer); 0-70 wpm (external keying).
  • Programmable message repeat interval.
  • Simultaneous computer and paddle CW keying inputs.
  • Variable bandwidth crystal filter (approx. 200 - 2000 Hz).
  • Adjustable RX CW offset with tracking TX side tone.
  •  Selectable opposite sideband RX for QRM reduction.






    8 pin microphone connector, jumper selectable compatibility with most ham rig microphones.

  • Speech Compressor.
  • 2.2 kHz crystal filter.

160 m

  • Adds 160 meters TX/RX
  • 2nd RX Antenna Input (Usable for all bands)

Noise Blanker

  • Variable threshold and pulse width.

Automatic Internal Antenna Tuner (20 W).

  • SWR and Power metering to front panel.
  • Dual antenna selection (A/B).

High Power PA

  • 100 W  internal PA module.
  • (Either the 20 W auto-tuner and internal battery, or the high power PA can be installed in the K2.)
  • SO-239 RF Connector

Host Control, Aux. I/O

  • Host computer remote control via RS-232 with keyboard controlled RIT. Compatible with most logging and control software.

Internal Gel-Cell Battery

  • 2.2 Amp hour with rugged custom mounting bracket.

The K2 has become a legend in Europe as everywhere in the Amateur radio world. Compared to commercial ready built rigs most operators prefere the K2 because its excellent receiver. Because I was an official elecraft field tester, I started with a very early K2.(serial number 0009). For sure my test review in the German Ham Radio Magazin helped to succed the K2 so well in DL-Land. Outside USA the biggest population of K2 you will fin in Germany.

Click here to see the QST Testreview in PDF Format

More Informations you will find directly on the elecraft site click here

The k2 is very easy to build. Even not so expierienced builders will succed building a K2 with a little help by QRPproject support. Take your chance to build the Transceiver you dreamed about all the time.

If you run into problems, QRPproject Warranty of Functionality (WoF) will insure that you will end up with an fully functionally K2. If you cant fix a Problem, we will fix it under our Warranty of Functionality for you. You have to pay a fix fee plus shipping cost only.

If you want, we can do the alignement procedure for you. See the alignment price in the price list (additional shipment cost)

K2 are available from our Berlin stock

For direct access to QRP-Shop K2 page click here

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