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Speaky -
SW-Transceiver kit
.5 Band per switch
10 Watt PEP
.Digital Frequency Readout
.Speach processor 15:1
.Elektronic S-Meter 


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The 2003/2004 Transceiverproject of German QRP Club DL-QRP-AG

The Team:
Design: Peter, DK1HE
Prototypes and test: DK1HE, Juergen DL1JGS, Peter DL2FI
Coordination and Manual: Peter, DL2FI (FIservice)
Kit-Realisation: Nikolai, DO7FI (Now DL7NIK)

Manual translation: Peter, OZ5DW and Bodo, DL7BJK

Speaking in a world of alligators using Speaky, the friendly German Shark
  • Speaky technical data:
    - From 1 to 5 HF bands switchable from the front of the box.- Modulation: SSB/ CW/ PSK31 etc.
    - Power input: 10W PEP
    -DDS/ PLL- frequency control, with programmable frequency steps.(rotary encoder)
    - choice of RIT or XIT; integrated keyer
    - VFO tuning range 500KHz
    - optional digital frequency readout.
    - automatic bandwith selection ( 2,4KHz/ 600Hz) of the 4pole 8MHz- crystal filter
    - tunable high Q preselector
    - High current RF input circuit with dynamic feed back.
    - +7dBm- Schottky- ring mixer ( TUF- 1)
    - High current J- FET IF amplifier
    - > 90dB IF dynamic range (A244 IC)
    -AGC production with peak to peak rectifier.
    - AF section with power for loudspeaker
    -robust PA with 2 x 2SC1969
    - Transmitter output of 10W PEP
    - switchable harmonics filter
    - integrated speech compressor with a compression of max. 15: 1- modulation distortion with on compressor < 1% !!
    - adjustable transmitter power
    - CW- VOX with adjustable decay
    - 10,8- 15V power supply
    - Stable enclosure with prepunche holes
    - Digital Frequency readout - measuring LO frequency
    - Bargraph S-meter/relative Power Meter

Each of the 5 switchable Bandmodules has its own preselector. The picture shows one bandmodule, the other shows a typical bandpass curve of the 40m module. The vertical scale is 10db per square and the frequency range is from 4.2 to 9,3 MHz

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