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Hohentwiel order page
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Read the story of his Hohentwiel at K7MDL Mike´s homepage. Mike is VHF OP and EME specialist. 
Top-Level 144MHz SSB/CW Transceiver Hohentwiel

2m SSB / CW only designed for low sideband and phase noise (NO PLL, NO DDS) This helps if you plan to use it wit Microwave Transverters Low current RX, good for portable use.

5 Watt output

Two Subbands: Lower band 144,0-144,2MHz, Upper band 144,2-144,5MHz) generated by switched VCXO's.

High IP3 low noise RX-Frontend

Passive Diode Ring Mixer with high dynamic

High Dynamic AGC

Preselektor Frontend helps working from QRA with high RF levels.Low harmonics and spurious withh excellent IM charakter guarant clean signal even with power amplifiers.

Stable frequency with excellent noise figures by double Xtals with 5ppm accuracy VCXO.

Low noise IF Amplifier with DHMOS and 2nd Xta Filter directly befor Product-Detektor

extremlow noise FET-Produktdetector


The Hohentwiel is built in 4 functional units:

133 MHz-VCXO

2m-RF (RX/TX)

10,7 MHz IF-(SSB-Exciter)

Controller (AF-Verst. Voltage regulators, RX/TX seuenzer, CW-sidetone

The basic kit contains all PCB,s plus all parts for the PCB,s. Enclosure, peripheral parts are NOT included in the basic kit.

Optionals we offer

Enclosure kit: Enclosure, mountig area, all mechanical part, jacks, knobs, pots.

Digital Frequency readout

BarGraph S-Meter / power-Meter (The S-Meter shown in the picture is NOT available, if you want to use a needle meter, you must organize it by yourself at a flee market.


Basic Kit with for PCB,s all parts for the PCB,s and printed manual. The differences between the 4 basic kits are the type of coils and the quartzfilter.

The enclosure kit contains: enclosure, mounting board, mounting parts, RF tight enclosures for RF PCB and VCXO PCB, reday made SMA connectors, Jacks, Pots, 10 turn Pot for frequency adjustment, mechanical display.

Pictures of a Hohentwiel (Kai, DL1GJJ) click here

The story of my Hohentwiel by Mike K7MDL (EME Specialist) (englisch)

Look inside the Hohentwiel, Left the enclosure for the RF board, right the enclosure for the VCXO board. IF and control board are below the mounting plate.
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